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What type of filter bag should be used for garbage incinerators?

2023-04-28 Page view : 16 views

The filter bags of garbage incinerators need to meet the harsh working environment of high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion, etc., and also have high requirements for filtration efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, there are two common types of filter bags for waste incinerators:

SFFILTECH high-temperature PPS filter bag: The PPS filter cloth material has a temperature resistance of over 190 ℃, and has good corrosion resistance to some corrosive gases and chemicals. It can maintain good mechanical properties and high filtration efficiency at high temperatures. Therefore, PPS filter bags are suitable for high-temperature and highly corrosive waste incinerators.

SFFILTECH PTFE membrane filter bag: PTFE membrane dust collection bag has excellent temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at high temperatures of 240 ℃, and has good corrosion resistance to various corrosive gases and chemicals. At the same time, the surface of PTFE filter cloth is also very smooth and not easily adhered to by dust, so the filtration efficiency is relatively high. Due to the extremely harsh working environment of garbage incinerators, SFFILTECH PTFE coated dust collection bags have also become a common choice.