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What material is the dust filter bag made of?

2022-07-23 Page view : 47 views

The material of the dust filter cloth of the best 5 dust collector filter bag. The dust filter cloth includes synthetic fiber, fiber or glass fiber woven cloth or felt. The general material of dust removal cloth bag is polyester, aramid, glass fiber, PPS or P84 fiber material, and then sew the cloth or felt into a cylindrical or flat filter bag as needed. According to the nature of flue gas, select the filter material suitable for the application conditions. Generally, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120c and the filter material is required to have acid resistance and durability, polyester flannelette and polyester needle felt are often used; When dealing with high-temperature flue gas (<250c), graphitized glass fiber cloth is mainly used; In some special cases, carbon fiber filter materials are used. In the operation of bag filter, it is very important to control the speed of flue gas passing through the filter material (called filtration speed). Generally, the filtration speed is 0.5-2m/min, and the efficiency can reach more than 99% for particles greater than 0.1um, and the resistance loss of the equipment is about 980-1470pa. The cloth bag of the dust collector is made of textile filter cloth and non-woven felt, and the filtering effect of fiber fabric is used to filter the dusty gas.

The selection of bag filter material for bag dust collector: it should be considered according to the temperature of dusty gas, moisture content, acid and alkali properties, dust viscosity, concentration and corrosivity. Generally, when the water content is small and there is no acid, it is selected according to the temperature of dusty gas. At room temperature or ≤ 130 ° C, polyester needled felt of 500 ~ 550g/m2 is commonly used.

When the moisture content is large and the dust concentration is large, waterproof and oil proof filter materials (or anti condensation filter materials) or membrane covered filter materials (the base cloth should be needled felt after waterproof treatment) should be selected. When the dusty gas contains acid and alkali and the gas temperature is ≤ 190 ° C, Ryton (polyphenylene sulfide) needled felt is often used. When the gas temperature is ≤ 240 ° C and the requirements for acid and alkali resistance are not too high, P84 (polyimide) needled felt is selected.

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