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What are industrial filter cartridges?

2023-04-14 Page view : 15 views

SFFILTECH industrial filter cartridges can be divided into various types of industrial filter cartridges based on different filtration media and application environments.

SFFILTECH activated carbon filter element: suitable for treating waste gas, wastewater, and drinking water containing oils, chemicals, and odors.

SFFILTECH precision filter element: suitable for occasions requiring high filtration accuracy, such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries.

SFFILTECH cellulose filter element: suitable for filtering water-soluble or insoluble particles.

SFFILTECH ceramic filter element: suitable for filtering high turbidity wastewater, exhaust gas, and organic matter.

SFFILTECH Activated alumina filter element: applicable to the treatment of waste water and waste gas in petrochemical, electronic and electrical appliances, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Magnetized water treatment filter element: suitable for treating water containing iron and manganese ions, with effects such as descaling, descaling, and deodorization.

SFFILTECH ultrafiltration filter element: suitable for separating and extracting polymer substances, microorganisms, colloids, etc.

SFFILTECH membrane filter element: suitable for industrial wastewater, seawater desalination, pure water preparation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate filter type based on different application scenarios and actual needs.