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  • BlogJul 01,2022
    What are the advantages of liquid filter bag?

    Stainless steel welding technology is generally used for the liquid filter bag. The horizontal error is less than 0.2mm, so that the sealing degree can be increased when it is installed in the equipment. In addition, the probability of side leakage can be reduced, so that the error of filter bag diameter is less than… Continue reading What are the advantages of liquid filter bag?

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  • BlogJan 27,2022
    Filter Bag Cleaning

    Filter bag cleaning: select appropriate cleaning materials and strictly match them. Low temperature water cleaning, uniform water flow, moderate strength, and no mechanical damage to the filter bag. Filter bag drying: dry with hot air at 110 ° C to maintain the dimensional stability of the filter bag. After drying, the filter bag will not… Continue reading Filter Bag Cleaning

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