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Automatic Backwashing Filter for Efficient Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater

2022-03-12 Page view : 73 views

In addition to the production of books and textbooks in education, the waste water from the paper industry also comes from the production process of daily chemical products. With the increasing demand of daily life, the discharge of waste water from the paper industry is increasing day by day.


For the treatment of paper making wastewater, the discharge is large, and there are many kinds of wastewater components, such as biological fiber, chemical agent and a large amount of sludge. The wastewater treatment is difficult and the equipment cost is high. The traditional sewage treatment equipment, after a period of filtration and cleaning, is prone to the phenomenon that too many impurities in the wastewater are left and intercepted, resulting in equipment failure. At the same time, the cleaning workload of relevant equipment is large, which increases the cost of sewage treatment.

Automatic backwash filter is different from traditional sewage equipment. The filter is composed of a simple body, a stainless steel filter screen, a sewage discharge part, a transmission device and an electrical control part. After a period of filtering work, during its operation, water enters the coarse filter screen from the filter mouth, and larger particulate solid impurities will be intercepted in the coarse filter screen, and then the filtered sewage will flow through the fine filter screen, Some impurities that are difficult to remove will be removed in this filtration equipment, so as to realize the process of sewage purification.


More importantly, when a large number of impurities stay in the filter screen, the filter outlet will be smaller and smaller, and a certain pressure difference will be formed at the inlet and outlet. The differential pressure transmitter transmits the electrical signal to the controller. Under the adjustment of the controller, open the drain outlet of the filter, discharge the retained impurities in just ten seconds, and carry out the automatic cleaning of the filter screen.


The automatic backwashing filter is not only simple in structure and low in price, but also more important. It can realize its own automatic backwashing, improve the filtering effect and reduce the cost of sewage treatment. It is the best choice for papermaking sewage treatment.